Star Wars: The Old Republic Price Comparison

Star Wars: The Old Republic Price Comparison

Star Wars: The Old Republic is a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) role-playing game based on the epic American film series that enables countless players to interact with one another in the legendary Star Wars universe.

Developed by Canadian gaming guru, Bioware, an interactive entertainment company renowned for its successful foray into licensed franchises; Star Wars: The Old Republic is due to hit the competitive gaming market in December 2011 exclusively for Microsoft Windows.

The MMO classic is far superior to its predecessors in both look and gameplay, featuring a more detailed, textured environment and a clearer UI bar, while the creators have successfully fulfilled the role playing element of the genre by including and developing narrative led quest lines and events.

The game offers a selection of stories based around the players’ playable class but, unlike more dated MMOs, the classes aren’t restricted to the boring, standardised archetypes and can be completely modified by the player, enabling any character, be it Imperial Agent, Jedi Knight or Bounty Hunter, to fulfil any role! Amongst the new and improved features is a fresh PVP warzone called Huttball, a combo of gridiron and fast-paced Rollerball, where players use their powers to attain victory.

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