Halo Combat Evolved Price Comparison

Halo Combat Evolved Price Comparison

The re-mastered version of the original Halo classic, Halo Combat Evolved has retained all the exquisite gaming features of the popular Halo first-person shooter series that took the gaming world by storm.

Developed by 343i, together with Sabre Interactive and Certain Affinity, and due for release in November for Xbox 360; Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary revisits the first in the Halo science-fiction series, but with a number of improvements.

The remake, which marks the 10th anniversary of the original game’s release, is better than ever before, featuring graphics and gameplay in full, high-gloss HD. The timely update looks and sounds great and is displayed with a quality, next generation glow, while the frenzied and feverish gameplay typical of the Halo series has been ably transferred into the market revamp.

Apart from an arsenal of new weapons, the fast-paced action game features an online multiplayer, co-operative play functionality and Kinect, a motion sensing device that has been developed by Microsoft. A combination of two game engines – the original created by Bungie, which provides the gameplay, and an all new engine that supplies improved graphics – enables players to effortlessly switch between the classic and improved modes at any time during the game.

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